27th May, 2011

Arrived in Roswell, NM on May 9, 2011

Total distance driven (includes in-city driving): 12,568.8 kms (7,809.9 miles)
Average gas consumption: 18.9L per 100 KM

We were so excited to arrive in Roswell –the Dairy Capital of the Southwest!

Wait a minute…Roswell is all about aliens right?

Aren’t they supposed to be green?

Aha…spotted one!

Yes, this is the right place. The alien street lamps give it away.

Roswell is a very welcoming place – regardless of where you are from.

Cowboys from all over the universe can gear up at this place.

Looking for local merchandise? This place seems to have it all!

Even financial institutions are in on the alien action.

Ok, so Roswell turned out to be the hokey, alien themed city we expected. But there were a few surprises too. Like the free stuff – a free art museum and a free zoo!

The zoo is ok – check out this burrowing owl…

and this prairie dog…


…great horned owl…

…and anteloupe…just to name a few…

We also enjoyed our campsite at Bottomless Lake State Park.

$14 per night and that includes electricity and water on the site!

Not a bad view of the lake either. It’s rare to have water – let alone a full lake – so this is one of the few places to swim for many moons. Oh, and it’s not bottomless. This lake is 90 feet deep. It is basically a cave that caved in.

Next up…Alamagordo, NM.


This is where you sent us the bib from! The took the alien theme and just ran with ehh…

That was supposed to say: they took the alien theme and just ran with it ehh…

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