3rd Nov, 2011

Wall Drug & Badlands National Park in South Dakota – September 28-29, 2011

Total distance driven (includes in-city driving): 32, 998.6 kms (20, 459 miles)
Average gas consumption: 18.8 L per 100 KM

From Custer State Park in South Dakota we continued East towards Badlands National Park.

Suddenly we started seeing these mini billboards by the highway.

Every half mile or so another sign appeared. What is Wall Drug anyway…and why would anyone want to visit a drug store?

The sign signs kept getting bigger and more ornate. They started making a big deal about offering free ice water and 5 cent coffee….ooookkkkk?!

Ok ok…now we have to pull over just to see what is so special about a drug store in the middle of nowhere.

We soon found out it’s not just a drug store…

…..it’s the Holy Grail of everything touristy.

From singing animatronic cowboys…

…to cowboy trinkets….

…to cowboy art and guns…

…and of course dinosaurs….not just bones either…

…live dinosaurs too!!! Aaahhhh!

They even have cowboy chapel squeezed in-between….

…deer heads, totem poles and the saddle shop.

In the end we lassoed this ferocious jack-a-lope…

and headed south to Badlands National Park.

It’s hard to believe that this flat land turns into…


Absolutely beautiful!

This colourful area reminded us of the Painted Desert.

This one reminded us of balancing rock.

The formations looked beautiful in the afternoon sun…

…but they really lit up as the sun started to set.

We set up camp at one of the campgrounds in Badlands National Park. For $28 per night we had electricity and the most spectacular sunset around.

As we headed out of the park the next day we saw a Big Horn Sheep!

We even saw a few prairie dog colonies.

After enjoying the Badlands for a few more hours we hit the road with Chuck and Wendy.

Next up – Minuteman Missiles, Minnesota and finally we reach home – Ontario, Canada!

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