13th Oct, 2011

Glacier National Park & West Glacier, MT – Part One – September 11 – 19, 2011

Total distance driven (includes in-city driving): 30,602.9 kms (18,973.8 miles)
Average gas consumption: 16.4 L per 100 KM

Since Glacier National Park’s Going To The Sun Highway came highly recommended – and the highway was closing on September 19th – we decided to get moving!

We said good-bye to the beautiful view from our camp site in Mammoth Campground (in Yellowstone National Park).

As we left the campground we saw some pretty amazing things…

A group of female Elk meandered through the campground…

…and a Pronghorn eyed us from a distance. Pronghorn are the fastest land animal in North America. They can run up to 60 miles (97 km) per hour, and sustain that speed for quite a distance!

We even spotted a Bald Eagle in the nearby National Forest!

On a recommendation we headed towards the town of West Glacier to make it our base for Glacier National Park. Our scenic route took us past Flathead Lake. Beautiful views!

Arriving in West Glacier, the weather was going to be 25C and sunny for several days…for mountain country and the middle of September that was amazing. We happened on a little lakeside place called Lake Five Resort on Lake 5.

When we spotted this waterfront campsite off to the side, we were in heaven. We setup just in time for a sunset swim! Incredibly the water was still warm…ish.J The weather is typically cooler in West Glacier in September – so we really lucked out. Not only was the weather warm, but since it was September we had the whole lake to ourselves!

Well, maybe not entirely to ourselves. This fellow tried the old ‘toss the shoe’ game on Jason in hopes of getting some of the juicy steak we cooked up.

The water was crystal clear and the views from our campsite were fantastic! We took a hiking break and just basked in the sunshine for three days. For the first time on this trip we listened to the radio! We discovered a great station for jazz and swing music – 1940s Radio.

Sunset was especially beautiful!


After several warm days by the Lake Five we made our way into Glacier National Park.

First stop – Lake McDonald for a view of the mountains.

…then a roadside waterfall…

…then a closer view of the mountains as we moved along the Going To The Sun Highway.

More to come…next up – Glacier National Park, Part Two.

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Marianna and Jason,

Perhaps I missed the entry but I didn’t see anything mentioned of the
awesome and incredible management at the Lake Five Resort. I did see our
campground diplomat in a shot. Just kidding. Your Wandering Enterprise is
great and will probably be ongoing.

Thanks for the plug. You are always welcome.

Thanks Ron! Loved your fabulous resort!

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