24th Apr, 2011

In memory of Joyce

Last week Jason’s step-grandma passed away.  Joyce Pallett was 97 and she was certainly an incredible woman.   She could easily cook up a delicious storm of food, was quick to laugh about life and just as eager to share a story about the past.  Her best stories were the ones she couldn’t finish for laughing so hard.  She was unfailingly reliable.  A good example is having lunch ready for the boys working the farm.  Jason’s favourite was her delicious grill cheese sandwich…made with real cheddar.

She also had a strong ‘can do’ attitude.  Our favourite example of this is the broken car door story.  She was in her 70s and the driver’s side door wouldn’t open.  Like a scene from the Dukes Of Hazard, she kept the window rolled down and hopped in and out of it as needed. 

Joyce saw a lot of change in her life and took it all in stride.  As a child in England she watched bombs dropped from Zepplins overhead during WW1.  Her first car had to be manually started with a crank shaft.   

The last time we say Joyce was Christmas.  She was still smiling as strongly as ever and generously laughing at Jason’s jokes.

Hats off to a great woman. 

Joyce at Christmas

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