21st Jun, 2011

Arrived at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on May 26, 2011

From Monument Valley we took a scenic bi-way up to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near Page, Arizona. The views were spectacular!

From cliffs close to the road…

…through to beautiful panoramic vistas. Wait, is that water in the distance? Blue water?

Yes, it is! 185 miles of beautiful, blue Lake Powell.

The Glen Canyon Dam is the reason for the lake’s presence. We took this picture from one of the many free hikes and roadstop overviews available in the national recreation area.

At the damn the lake is 560 feet deep – the deepest lake around these parts. The Dam’s main purpose is to ensure local communities have fresh water. Once that goal is met electricity and recreation come into play.

Right by the Dam is this bridge. Before construction on the Dam began, the bridge needed to be complete otherwise materials would have been trucked down one side of the canyon, ferried across the river and then up the other side.

We took a tour of the Dam while we were there. Check out these huge power generating machines.

That green stuff at the base of the Dam is grass. No, it’s not for company picnics. Grass helps to deflect heat.

We took this picture from the aptly named Horseshoe Bend Overlook. To give you a sense of how deep the canyon is, look near the river’s left bank on the right side of this picture – there’s a little bump on the water…

The little bump is this boat.

Near Antelope Point Marina we scrambled down the cliff-type wall and dipped our feet in the cold waters of Lake Powell.

Later we hiked the Hanging Gardens hike. Here we are at the trailhead.

The cliffs in this area are primarily Navajo Sandstone – a type of rock that seeps water. That’s what makes this hanging garden possible.

From the gardens we saw another great view of the lake.

We settled in for the evening at this amazing campsite! Lone Rock Beach offers primitive beachside camping for only $10 per night. Nice!

Next up is Zion National Park.

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