22nd Aug, 2011

Los Angeles – Part Two – Includes Malibu, Hollywood, Santa Monica, etc. – July 16 – August 12, 2011

Of course while we were in the area we checked out the more famous tourist sites…

…such as the Santa Monica Pier right at the end of Route 66.

Technically this is the actual end of the pier.

But the Pier also has an amusement park on it.

And some shops.

And people dressed up. We were not convinced that’s the real Mickey and Minnie – why are they holding up their ears?

Even dogs dress up.

Right by the pier is a lovely long beach with a paved boardwalk for bikers and skaters.

After walking a few miles down the beach we finally reach Venice Beach where the infamous Muscle Beach is located. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to work out here.

Venice is a wild world of weird shops, weird food and weird people…

…many shops were selling this very important “medicinal” product. Everyone seemed to be in need of this “medicinal” treatment…

…there goes a patient right now!!!

Could this be the solution to environmentally friendly travel – land sailing on roller blades? Very cool.

Venice also had its share of nice hotels…

…and modern beach homes.

We also drove up Sunset Blvd and spent some time touring around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

After scoring a free parking spot we spied the starting point for the Hollywood Walk of Fame!


Then we stopped by Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

The famous footprints were pretty cool. Here are two of our favourites!

Outside the theatre there are lots of people dressed up as various characters – willing to take a tip for a photo. This guy did a pretty good impression of Tom Cruise.

Inside the theater we tested out the new way to watch movies. 3D images combined with seats that move.

Right next door to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is a nice outdoor mall. These outdoor style malls are all over Southern California. They make for a very nice shopping experience…almost like a combo park and mall.

From the fourth floor we had the best view of the Hollywood sign.

Across the street from Grauman’s is the famous Kodak Theatre. With the crowds picking up we decide to head off…

Beverly Hills is really posh. Every street is lined with trees – a different tree for each street. For every two streets there’s a center alley behind the houses for service vehicles.

Rodeo Drive is busy – filled mostly with poor tourists but we spotted one or two that look like they can afford something.

Paramount Pictures Studios….still located in the heart of Hollywood.

The famous La Brea tar pits…those are real elephants…no, not really!!

Movie locations are all over the place. This church for example is St. Brendan’s Catholic Church. It’s the church that lost its front in “War Of The Worlds”.

And this tunnel was used in “Independence Day”.

You might recognize this building from “The Soloist”.

We instantly recognized this building from “IronMan”.

Ok, enough famous buildings…next up…Part Three of Los Angeles.

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