6th Oct, 2011

Yellowstone National Park – Part Two –September 1 – 11, 2011

Yellowstone’s non-geyser water features are beautiful too.

Yellowstone River flows through the park. It’s the longest undammed river in the lower 48 states. See the yellow rock in the picture above? That’s how the park got its name – yellow stone!

The water carves through the area…

…enabling Yellowstone to have its own version of the Grand Canyon. It is literally called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone! This 24 mile long canyon ranges from 800 – 1200 feet deep, and 1500-4000 feet wide.

Just had to include this picture!

The park has a number of water falls too…

…like Yellowstone Falls pictured above…

…and Tower Falls.

We had to hike to see Mystic Falls…and it was definitely worth it!

The view on the way down was amazing too!

The river valleys are quite beautiful. Hayden Valley looked amazing in the morning mist.

Soda Butte Creek in the Lamar Valley was beautiful too!

We found “Boiling River” in the Mammoth area. A spring releases some very hot water into the cold Yellowstone River – making it the one place warm enough to swim in the park.

But the river valley heading into West Yellowstone takes the cake. Some scenes from the movie “A River Runs Through It” were shot in this area!

We also loved Yellowstone Lake. From the misty mornings…

…to the beautiful sunsets.

We found a perfect place to watch the sunrise…

…and enjoy breakfast, right by the lake! Lake House Restaurant was definitely a hidden gem. We happened on it after checking out the Grant Village dining room. Lake House Restaurant definitely has the best view of any restaurant in the park. It also has pretty good prices so we dipped into our restaurant fund to enjoy the early morning buffet at $9.95 and watched the sun come up over Yellowstone Lake.

Zak Finley (the manager) was great! He spent the summer of 2010 hiking 5,000 miles on the Pacific Coast Trail – from Mexico to Canada. Students at a local public school (where his father teaches) followed his adventure and starting matching his miles! What a great way to inspire kids into outdoor physical activity.

Some of you may be wondering if we saw any animals on our Yellowstone adventure. You bet! That’s the focus of our next update…Yellowstone National Park – Part Three.

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