22nd Sep, 2011

On The Way To Grand Teton National Park – Part Two – August 19 – 21, 2011

So there we were…on our way to Grand Teton National Park when…

…kablam!!!….flop flop flop….teaaar, bang, thump….Wendy’s tire stripped and disintegrated…

…ripping into her underside and marking up her sides…

Triple A (aka AAA…aka American Automobile Association) responded within two hours to help us replace the stripped tire with our spare. Anyone towing a trailer knows that it’s important to jack it up via the frame. The fellow from Triple A must have been in a hurry because he didn’t. After he was finished there was another ding…

…but at least the bad tire was replaced with our recently purchased spare tire…

…and the rip could be covered up until our insurance company could sort out a permanent fix back home…

That night we pulled into Lakeside RV in Provo, Utah – knowing that we just needed to find a tire place in the morning so that we could purchase a new spare.

We cracked open a cold one….but wait…it wasn’t that cold…even the freezer wasn’t exactly freezing. When it rains its pours!

So, we cracked open a two semi-cold ones…knowing that we had to fix both the fridge and the tires…so we decided to stay in town for a day to replace all the tires, fix the freezer and do some service that was overdue.

In the morning we shopped around and finally went with the lowest bidder….”Big-O Tires” nearby. They could even re-pack the wheel bearings with grease at a much cheaper price than the local RV places.

The freezer just needed to be defrosted so we bought some dry ice (which seems to be available everywhere in the US). That kept the frozen stuff really frozen in our cooler even though it was 30C out.

While the freezer defrosted we enjoyed the wildlife…

…and we headed into the Utah state capital – Salt Lake City – to check it out.

Temple Square and the Mormon temple building looked really neat.

So we took a tour of the nearby museum. Two Mormon Missionaries (called Sisters) gave us a free guided tour. That’s Sister Abeyta on the left and Sister Denny on the right.

With Wendy all squared away we hit the road again taking a scenic route that passed by Bear Lake in Utah and Idaho – a very large fresh water lake in the area.

Finally reached Wyoming!!!

Elk are quite common in these parts…as is the ‘art’ of using elk antlers.

In Jackson Hole (just south of Grand Teton National Park) there’s a National Elk Refuge – 8,000 Elk winter here. Since it’s summer there’s not an elk in sight on the refuge.

In Jackson Hole’s town square there are four of these arches…

And the town itself is adorned with local wildlife…like elk…

…and Grizzly bears. That baby Grizzly is taller than Marianna…and check out those claws on mama bear!

While we were in Jackson Hole we saddled up to the bar at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Love the seats!

Next up…we finally reach Grand Teton National Park!

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