25th Aug, 2011

Los Angeles – Part Three – Includes Santa Barbara, Channel Islands, etc. – July 16 – August 12, 2011

There were some places we just had to visit while we were in the area…

Like In-N-Out Burger. This California burger chain makes the best burgers ever. Probably because it’s the only thing they make…the menu has about 6 things on it that’s it!! In-N-Out makes all the burgers fresh each day. After trying one out, we’re fans!

Mel’s Diner was also noted as a place to try. Chilli cheese fries and a root beer float – yum!

Of course we had to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. Even the Terminator couldn’t keep us out!

This “War of the Worlds” location on the back lot was pretty incredible – a whole plane was strewn about for the scene.

We were glad to see Pink’s at Universal. This place is famous for hot dogs. Guess what? They tasted like hot dogs…

Universal’s City Walk really lit up at night.

We also tried a grilled sausage from Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom while we were there…now those are Sausages worthy of some fame…yum!!

If skydiving is more you’re thing they have a simulator!

We spent some time checking out The Grove (an outdoor mall).

Even though we just missed Arnold Schwarzenegger – who was at a local restaurant with his son – we did see Mario Lopez shooting “Extra” at the Grove. Off camera he seemed quite serious.

Maybe he was resting his smile muscles ’cause on camera he was all smiles.

At this particular shoot he interviewed Kate del Costello – a very popular Mexican actress.

Right next to the Grove is the Farmers Market. It’s full of fresh fruit and veggies, a big food court and a lot of other neat shops.

Mulholland Drive was a surprise. The views of Los Angeles were unbelievable! That’s the Hollywood Bowl towards the bottom right.

Here it is up close. Maroon 5 played the night we took this photo.

And here’s a closer look at the city.

There were tons of multi-million dollar homes on Mulholland Drive. But the views were either up-close gates…

…or distant mansions.

The Getty Center was another amazing surprise!

Amazing architecture, great art, beautiful gardens…this place is like a dream.

The architect really had an eye for detail. Notice how each 30×30 square on the building lines up to the pillars?

The entire place is serene.

Almost as serene as the beach we found on our way to Santa Barbara. We made a wrong turn and found ourselves at a beach with free parking. The beach stretched for miles and had very few people on it.

We stopped by the Channel Islands National Park as well. The silhouette of one of the five channel islands is visible in the distance.

We participated in a ‘live dive’ while we were there. This diver went through the kelp forests near Anacapa Island showing the audiences all the sea creatures he found in real time. He was game for answering any questions real time as well.

Ok, this elephant seal isn’t real but were we ever surprised by its size.

Still on the road to Santa Barbara when we drove the Rincon Parkway – where roadside parking is allowed! For only $27 per day RVers can set up camp right by the ocean.

We finally reached Santa Barbara! The architecture was amazing.

There were little walkways full of shops throughout the main area of town (along State Street).

This guy looked like he would never finish the windows…so Marianna offered words of encouragement.

We discovered the annual Santa Barbara Fiesta was underway! Like the San Antonio Fiesta, confetti eggs were very popular. These brightly coloured eggs are full of paper confetti. Perfect for cracking over someone’s head – no, we’re not kidding…that’s what they’re for!

Nearing the end of our 4 week stay in Mailbu we started feeling a bit sad…both because we had to leave this paradise and also because the next leg of our journey was our last.

But that’s a big adventure in its own right! Next up…heading East towards Flagstaff and Sedona!


SO HAPPY to see you guys are having a great time! I read your posts all the time but just had to comment today because I LOVE IN’N’OUT Burgers. I just might move out there someday just because of them 🙂

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