20th Jun, 2011

Arrived at Monument Valley on May 26, 2011

Since we were in the area we decided to drop by Monument Valley in Utah.

This former National Monument is now run by the Navajo directly.

Although the visitor center staff told us we could take Wendy on the 17 mile road leading through the buttes and mesas, we decided to unhitch and just take Chuck. Thank goodness! This is the roughest road we’ve been on yet – and we went on some pretty tough ones in Big Bend National Park in Texas.

The park’s beautiful buttes and mesas remind us of old Westerns which isn’t a surprise since quite a few films were shot there.

Here’s the view from the Visitor Center showing the Mittens (the two formations starting on the left).

And here’s another view from the lodge – right next door to the visitor center.

It’s just one amazing view after another. Here are a few pics to give you taste of it…

Here we are with the East Mitten butte.

…the Three Sisters formations…

…the Three Sisters from another angle…

This one is called the Cube…

And this one is the Balanced Rock.

Just past the formation on the left is John Ford’s point – he directed a number of Westerns in Monument Valley and this was one of his favorite spots.

We did a double take driving by this scene. We called it the Ultimate Act of Recycling.

The overall 17 mile drive lasted about 4 or 5 hours and was well worth it.

With all the Monument Valley pictures safely recorded on our camera we hit the road and headed to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

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