28th Apr, 2011

Arrived in San Antonio, Texas on April 15, 2011

Total distance driven (includes in-city driving): 8,251.2 (5,125.1 miles)
Average gas consumption: 22.3L per 100 KM

We had San Antonio on our list of stops mainly because seeing the Alamo is a must, but as we met other travellers they would all say “you have to see San Antonio”.

Within 5 minutes of being in San Antonio we run into a smoker party and get a sample of true Texas BBQ. Marianna and I sit down to our meat fest platters…chicken good, beef good, pork good!

We are constantly amazed by the friendliness of the Texas citizens. Sarah Hardaway gives us the local insight on what to see, when to see it, and where the good restaurants are.

The Alamo is a must see. This is the actual ground where Crocket, Bowie, Travis and 180 other men held off 7000 Mexican soldiers for 13 days before dying in the final battle. Thanks to them, the Texan army had much needed time to form and eventually defeat the dictator Santa Anna – securing an independent Republic of Texas.

The heroes of the Alamo are buried in the beautiful San Fernando Cathedral not far from the Alamo.

The River Walk is one of the main attractions in San Antonio. Cafés, bars, restaurants and hundred year old trees line both sides of the river through downtown San Antonio.

After searching for the perfect restaurant we came across Casa Rios.

We left the downtown core and wandered through the King William District and found this laid back open air bar with live music, retro metal patio furniture and authentic interior Mexican food…yum!

No shirt? No shoes? No problem?

Almost speechless…a little horse followed by many chicks.

Marianna comes face to face with the dreaded Jackalope!!!

We weren’t in San Antonio long before finding out that we’ve arrived at same time as their Fiesta Festival. Very strong Hispanic influence in the food, music and people.



…more food…

Another weird food stand was Corn Cups. It was just fresh corn in a foam cup with butter and chilli powder topping?? Everyone had one!!!

They even had a singing contest…she’s thirteen but she could still carry a good tune.

The Fiesta Festival ended with a massive evening parade which started with a wacko marathon race…

…Festival Queens and marching band, after band, after band…

…and pretty much every float they ever use in any other parade come down the street. Yes this is a Christmas float in the middle of April!?!? Apparently this is one of the biggest night parades in the US.

Even the drinks are bigger in Texas. I think this is a margarita combo Mexican beer party bucket. And again we found you can drink beer walking down the street so of course we had to buy kings cans and join the party.

 Next up, Corpus Christi & Padre Island.

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