2nd Mar, 2011

Any Suggestions For Great Places To See?

We added a new page that gives you a sense of our route!  We’re still taking suggestions for great places to visit in North America.  If you have any you want to share, add a comment below.


Hi Jason and Marianna!
What a great adventure!! Wow, I’m jealous..
If you explore the Sierra Nevada I think you will have to go to Mammoth Mountain. We were there on a skiing trip (AMAZING!), but it is also a fantastic area for hiking.

Enjoy your travels!

Kind regards, Leontien

you may want to go to Flagstaff, its very close to Sedona. And you may want to check out Las Vegas if you have never been there. Good shows to see i.e., “o”, “Love”
Have fun!!!

New Mexico: Chiaco Canyon, Mesa Verdi and any other anisazi sites.
Houston, the Johnson Space Center, The Houston Art museum has a great collection of Latin American artists’ work
Alabama: check out Destin. White beaches, clear water, bay and gulf shrimp.
If you are coming down Io5 on your way to Charlestown, SC I live about 10 blocks from the highway!

When you’re in Utah, swing by the Homestead Crater (close to Park City).

It’s enclosed in a cave and filled with water that is 96 degrees. You can swim, snorkel or dive. My boss just went there and enjoyed it.

Happy travels!

be sure to make time for Oatman, AZ as you explore Route 66. Tumbleweed and all!!

Hi Marianna,

Oh my goodness, I am just catching up and it looks like you’re on an incredible adventure!!! I am guessing from your last post date that you are probably out of Florida by now?

If you are not, I would highly recommend Miami’s South Beach and then across the panhandle over to Fort Myers – really neat little town.

If you head a bit further north, St. Pete’s is awesome! There’s a beach near there called Fort De Soto which is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida (besides the Keys).

Hopping over to the other side of America…you must do the once-in-a-lifetime drive from LA to San Francisco along the Pacific Coast Hwy (Hwy 1). I can give you some good stops along the way once you’re closer. It will stay with you forever though.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!


Hey y’all two. Missed y’all at the reenactment on Saturday. I have a suggestion. It may be off of y’all’s route, but you must hit Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. It is one of my places to visit in the future. If you do go there is this floating 30 foot (9.144 meters for y’all northern folk) tall tree stump. It has been floating since about 1896. It’s name is the “Old Man of the Lake.” The lake is the deepest that is completely in US boundaries and the 9th deepest lake in the world. In the great words of Dale Evans Rodgers, “Happy Trails To You, Until We Meet Again.”
Mark-from San Jacinto Battleground

Hi you two crazy kids …. You asked for suggestions, so here’s a crazy one ….

When you get to the west coast park the jeep and trailer (in a secure and guarded lot) and grab a cheap flight to Maui. Enjoy the waves, beaches and ocean of course, but be sure to rise at 4 am (or 3:30 am) and drive up to the summit of the Haleakala Volcano to see the sun rise and burst over the horizon to light up the clouds. Kiss your honey! Then, head to Tedeschi Winery and buy a few bottles (of course) to provision yourselves for the circle drive around Maui. Take water and a lunch as well. Enjoy the sites, the lava fields, the ocean, the dry west coast, the hairpin turns, the one lane road (in places, and it’s an adrenalin boosting two-way one lane road), abandoned churches, the gulches, waterfalls, the rain forest on the east coast and many scenic bridges and villages. Suggested B&B accomodations: Hale Hookipa (House of Hospitality) or Dreams Come True on Maui (T.Croly). You can also hop islands fairly cheaply by air. Crazy idea …. but very special if you haven’t yet been to Maui.

Guys, you need to add Lake Placid to your plans! I know it’s out of the way for you now but by New Year’s you should be able to make it. LOL

We’ll be waiting for you by the fire.

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